Random Walk 2.6: : Joe Muise is changing student’s ideas about physics (and attending CUPC 2021)


Joe Muise is a physics teacher at St. Thomas More Collegiate in Burnaby, BC, a CAP, NSTA, Vernier & Prime Minister’s Award Winner, and Step Up Ambassador. On this week’s episode, Adam talks to Joe about teaching physics, changing the way students think of a physics education (interested in finance or medicine? You might like physics), and the Canadian Undergraduate Physics Conference panel he was a part of.

Follow Joe on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/jm_muise

Check out the Step Up physics program: https://engage.aps.org/stepup/home

Also, Students on the Beamlines, hosted by Canadian Light Sources: https://www.lightsource.ca/public/education/programs/students-on-the-beamline.php

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