Random Walk 14: ComSciConCan #1 with Tareq Yousef


AMPLIFY: This week Tareq introduced me to a few brilliant neuroscientists on Twitter putting out some really great content. Give them a follow: @jarildy @futuredrdukes @danne_phd @RackebT

THIS EPISODE: Tareq is a Ph.D candidate at Dalhousie University studying Neuroscience via the retina of fish. He is attending ComSciConCan-2020 (a virtual science communication meeting run by grad students, for grad students), and I got the chance to meet him before the conference to talk research, communication, what he hopes to get from the conference, and a little bit about blue light filtering glasses (among many other things).

CHECK OUT: Tareq has a nutrition podcast! No BS Nutrition: https://linktr.ee/nbsnpod Also check out Open Think blog: https://blogs.dal.ca/openthink/author… And of course follow Tareq https://linktr.ee/tareqneuro !! Thanks for listening!

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