The AlmaMAC episode 125 (July 4/19): Titan Arum with Shay Freger (Host: Adam and Matt)

Adam and Matt talk to recent graduate Shay Freger about Arthur, the Amorphophallus Titanum, aka, the Titan Arum, aka, the Corpse Plant. This plant, a roughly 6-foot behemoth, typically blooms only once every 7 or so years… and guess what! It’s blooming right now!
You can watch a nice, succinct description of the Titan Arum by NPR here.
If you want to dig deeper, Wikipedia has a very good intro to to Titan.
There is an extremely long video of a plant blooming “live” from a while ago here. Fast forward to hours 73-119.
If you would like to visit the green house at McMaster or volunteer (anyone from the community is welcomed), the hours and location are posted here. And be sure to follow the greenhouse on Facebook and Instagram to hear about upcoming events and plant sales.

Be sure to tune in Thursdays at noon at 93.3 CFMU or at to hear the show LIVE!

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