The AlmaMAC 200: How past climate change affects our present and future with Nick Randazzo


Sedimentary rocks are rocks which are formed from the compaction of other rocks or organic material near the Earth’s surface. They can tell us information about the Earth’s past environment like how much carbon dioxide was in the atmosphere, or what the sea levels were. But, how can this information from millions of years ago help us today? Nick Randazzo is a 5th year PhD Candidate in the School of Earth, Environment, and Society under the Faculty of Science, and his research aims to examine the geochemistry of sedimentary rocks from 90 million years ago to inform present-day models and predictions of climate change. Tune in to learn more about Nick’s research and its breadth of implications on climate change, oil companies, and outer space!

You can follow Nick on twitter here or check out his website here

See ya next week!

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