The AlmaMAC 176: Unconventional career paths with MAC Cast’s Lindsay D’Souza and Ian Sharpe


This week I am excited to tell you about a new podcast series about university grads who took the long way around, so to speak. I’m sure many listeners are in this boat, but what the heck do you do once you graduate? Post-grad is a big unknown and if you don’t have something lined up right out of school (who does, right?) what are you supposed to do? Well, this is more common than you think, and this new podcast talks to McMaster university alumni about their unconventional paths after graduating. The show is called MacCast: Unconventional, which is an apt title, since the career paths of the guests featured on the show are not what one might expect after graduation, but I think the real twist is that.. well, an unconventional career path might actually be the norm. I won’t go too much deeper right now, since my guests today are two members of the production team of the podcast. In our interview we talk about some of the stories being featured on MAC cast, but also touch on how their career paths were ALSO unconventional. So, without further adieu, let me introduce to you Lindsay D’Souza and Ian Sharpe!

Listen to MAC cast: Unconventional anywhere good podcasts are found! But if you aren’t sure, start here:…

Then, find more info on the services the McMaster Alumni Association provide here:

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