Random Walk 30: Dr. John Bandler, academic and playwright, helps fix my Zoom presentation skills

Feel awkward on Zoom? We all do. But these tips will make sure your audience doesn’t! We talk about how to set the stage, where to look, and best practices.

He speaks widely on creativity, creative thinking, ethics, entrepreneurship, awareness, setback and conflict, and presentation skills; and has coached and mentored many individuals for public presentations competitions. He co-organized the first ever 3MT® competition at the IEEE International Microwave Symposium in 2017, an event continued in Philadelphia in 2018 and in Boston in 2019; expanding to include three co-located conferences and, instead of in Los Angeles, going “virtual” in 2020. See the playlists on YouTube: 2017201820192020.

If you want to learn more, Dr. Bandler is hosting an online presentations workshop with special guests Rachelle Ho, Michelle Ogrodnik and Daniel Tajik. You can sign up HERE.

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