*ReBroadcast*The AlmaMAC 169: The Return of Sawayra Owais!


We got a little out of sync with CFMU a few weeks ago, so let’s get back on track. If you already heard this one, then you have no homework this week! Head outside and take a walk 🙂

Hi hello, and welcome to the show. Today is a particularly special episode of the AlmaMAC. Actually, it’s probably the most Meta episode of the almaMAC that we’ve ever had. Today I’m joined by the inventor of the AlmaMAC, the once and future host of the AlmaMAC, Sawayra Owais! This is actually a 2-parter, since we have so much to talk about. Today we are going to talk about the show in general – how did Sawayra come up with it? What is the goal of the show? How has it evolved, etc. 

As listeners may know, I inherited the show from Sawayra about a year and a bit ago while she focused on a dual MD-PhD program. I’ve had a blast working on the show, and I’ve really tried to take it to the next level. Today you are going to hear Sawayra talk about what the show means to us, and why we think it serves an important role for up and coming researchers. 

But before we get to the interview… I was going to hold out on you until next week, but I’m too excited. I want to announce that SAWAYRA is COMING BACK TO THE SHOW! That’s right! Sawayra is in the process of tracking down some guests, recording some episodes, and getting back into the swing of things.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m leaving, or that you will hear less of me. What I’m hoping to do is expand the content that the AlmaMAC and my little science media empire, scientificanada puts out. Having both of us working together means that I will have more time to put out different content on scientificanada.ca . For example, we just had a humor article go up on Monday called “Twitch Streamer Awarded Full Professorship, Begins Teaching Physics”, and last week we had an article about how Canadians and the media can become polarized on certain technical topics like vaccines and GMOs. So head over to scientificanada.ca for that. 

Anyway, let’s get to the show!


Anyway, that’s it for this week. Tune in next week and hear about the dual MD-PhD program Sawayra is working towards. 

Thanks again to Sawayra for well, for everything. Follow her on twitter @SeeingAWay . 

If you liked the show, check out the other stuff we have going on at scientificanada.ca

If you want to help support additional content from early career researchers, you can help by joining us on Patreon. Even a dollar a month goes a long way. 

So, thanks again, and see you next week!



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