Random Walk 17: ComSciConCan #4 with Roshan Achal


THIS WEEK: Congrats to Dr. Roshan Achal (from University of Alberta), who had just convocated at the time of recording! In this episode, he tells us about the work he does, organizing, corralling, and placing individual atoms for nano-devices. We also talk about his 90-second video series on Twitter, and Science Communication at large.

CHECK OUT: Roshan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSmilentist (@TheSmilentist) where you can find his 90-second physics videos

AMPLIFY: A few links for you this week. Working on the nano-scale requires a strong understanding of quantum physics; check out Dr. Charles D Brown II, (@CDBrownII) who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. He is a brilliant quantum physicist from Yale, currently doing a post-doc at UC Berkley. Also, for more materials science, Dr. Lyndsey McMillon-Brown (@DrMcMillonBrown) is building solar-cells at Yale and just recently had a project accepted to be sent up to the International Space Station! Follow for that clean energy tech. Lastly, my friend Karmela wrote about the virtual meeting held by the American Physical Society regarding racial inequity in physics and in our society. Spoiler: we aren’t doing great.

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