Random Walk 16: ComSciConCan #3 with Gracielle Higino


THIS WEEK: Gracielle grew up in Brazil immersed in science (communication). Her dream has always been to be a scientist by day, and writer by night. She currently studies computational ecology at Université Montréal, and we talk about her work, communicating science, and the difficulties English Second Language (ESL) researchers have. Some of her work includes organizing SciComm training with IGNITE.

CHECK OUT: SciComm in Portuguese: https://github.com/graciellehigino/divulgacao-cientifica-pt/blob/master/lista.md  (ap.mcmaster.ca/mcauth/login.jsp?app_id=1505&app_name=Avenue)

SciComm training:https://github.com/graciellehigino/IGNITE… https://ignitescicomm.comIf  (https://ignitescicomm.com/)

email: graciellehigino [at] gmail [dot] com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GracielleHigino

AMPLIFY: I dug into ecology twitter and found a research group focusing on ecosystem health using computer modelling led by Dr. Samniqueka Halsey (https://twitter.com/Samniqueka_H) that’s currently looking to recruit M.Sc students (https://twitter.com/theHalseyACELab). Also check out Danielle N Lee’s (https://twitter.com/DNLee5) article on diversity and inclusion in behavioral ecology (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0003347220300890?dgcid=author). And for something really unique, check out Asia Murphy (https://twitter.com/am_anatiala) , a scientist who is also writing an ecological fantasy novel (https://www.patreon.com/am_anatiala)

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