The AlmaMAC // Random Walk episode 156 // 5: Food for Thought. Adam moderated McMaster’s Researchers’ Night (Host: Adam)


On Monday, Adam co-moderated the 2020 McMaster Researchers’ Night.  The topic was FOOD, and included four panelists from diverse research backgrounds. Adam had a chance to sneak a question or two in during the evening and got some audio from the event. Have a listen!

The panelists included:

– biophysicist and expert in molecular gastronomy: Dr. Christophe Lavelle from the National Research Centre in Paris, France
– Dr. Geneviève Sicotte from Concordia University, Montréal, professor in literature and expert on the representation of food,

– Dr. Parmjit Singh, PhD Psychology and expert in mindfulness at McMaster University,
– Dr. Tina Moffat, professor of anthropology and lead of community-based research projects in Hamilton.

The event has passed, but some of Adam’s posts about the researchers are still available on Facebook. If any of the panelists piqued your interest, read more about them there.

See you next week!

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