The AlmaMAC Episode 155: 3 Minute Thesis is Back, and Dr. Bandler walks us through some award-winning examples (Host: Adam)

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Dr. John Bandler is back this week to talk about the Three Minute Thesis Competition. He is hosting a workshop to help get you started on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 13th, and in anticipation of that, is here with Adam to dissect some award-winning examples, like Canxiu Zhang’s (Brainwave Analysis for Stroke Detection) and Daniel Tajik’s Microwave Holography for Medical Imaging.

For the full experience, make sure to follow us on YouTube where we will be posting the full interview including video of the presentations.

Check out the School of Graduate Studies’ YouTube channel for more videos, too.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a university-wide competition for graduate students in which participants present their research and its wider impact in 3 minutes or less to a panel of non-specialist judges. The challenge is to present complex research in an engaging, accessible, and compelling way, using only one static slide.

For more examples, and some other workshops Dr. Bandler has hosted, find him on YouTube.

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