The AlmaMAC Episode 133 (Aug 29/19): Forecasting childhood health by studying placenta with Christian Bellissimo (Host: Adam)

Placenta is an incredible organ, and Christian Bellissimo tells us why.

I guess I kind of always though the placenta was like the white of an egg. Oh boy was I wrong!

Of course we know that early life stressors, including those during pregnancy, impact
long term health of the baby. Usually we think smoking or drinking, but maternal obesity is also something than can affect the child. Christian and I talk about his work trying to understand how changes in development of the placenta may increase the risk of offspring disease later life.

You can tweet questions to Christian here.

You can read about the work that goes on in the Sloboda Lab (where Christian works) here.

Aaaand… I joked about placenta recipes on the show, but I don’t think I’m going to share any links. Use your judgement. Or consider getting on the list to donate it?

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