The AlmaMAC episode 131 (August 15/19): Microbes and arsenic in the groundwater (in Bangladesh) with Reisa San Pedro (Host: Adam)

Arsenic is bad for you. It can be found in large quantities in rat poison, and it can be found in smaller (but still dangerous) quantities in groundwater. This is of particular concern in South-East Asia, and more specifically Bangladesh, where citizens have been developing cancers, skin lesions, and other horrible effects due to long-term arsenic exposure. But unlike many water contamination issues, human’s aren’t totally to blame!

This week we welcome Reisa San Pedro, a 2nd year MSc student in the Geography and Earth Sciences department at McMaster University. We discuss the origin of the arsenic, why it’s dissolving in the groundwater, and what’s being done to better understand and avoid arsenic contamination in these affected countries.

For more details on her work, you can visit her supervisor’s website.

PS. Reisa is defending her MSc in September! Wish her luck! (not that she needs it…)

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